new range of tough, water resistant, and ultra-portable mechanical total stations. Available in 2” and 5” models, the Spectra Precision FOCUS 6+ Series offers superior quality optics and dependability, making them ideal for a variety of surveying applications.

The FOCUS 6+ total stations offer a distance measurement accuracy of up to ±(2 + 2 ppm x D) mm and provide a reflectorless measurement range of 500 meters (1,640 ft.). Additionally, the FOCUS 6+ Series include a coaxial laser pointer, Bluetooth connection to external data collectors, support for USB memory sticks, an optional laser plummet plus onboard storage for 50,000 points.

For most construction and surveying applications the FOCUS 6+ total station is ideal. Coupled with its quality, you can be confident that you are achieving this level of accuracy with every measurement.

With hot-swappable dual onboard batteries, the FOCUS 6+ 5″ provides full measurement every 30 seconds for 25 hours, and FOCUS 6+ 2″ for 57 hours. It’s tough, water resistant, and will continue working no matter what the weather brings. A winterized variant is also available for operation in the most extreme cold temperatures.

The Spectra Precision FOCUS 6+ total station has intuitive on-board software that is easy-to-use. Want to make your FOCUS 6+ even more powerful? Instead of on-board data collection you can choose to use a Spectra Precision Ranger, Nomad, or T41 data collector powered by Survey Pro to maximize performance in the field.

All FOCUS 6+ models support bluetooth communications to external data collectors and have a USB port for convenient transfer of data. In addition, all models come standard with a traditional optical plummet which can be upgraded to a laser plummet.


The smart small design of the FOCUS 6+ is convenient and portable for all occasions.



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