Keep both hands free while behind the
instrument The Trimble® CU controller is the
attachable control unit designed to combine
Trimble optical and GNSS surveying systems1
On its Windows® Embedded operating
system, the Trimble CU controller runs your
choice of powerful Trimble fi eld software2,
plus other specialized Windows software as


Smart Hardware
View background maps and check work on
the color graphic display for greater data
control and confidence The 1 GB of memory
lets you take all your base data (point lists,
background maps) into the field
Access frequent functions via dedicated
instrument control keys Quickly select
software options using the touch screen
Integrated Bluetooth Wireless
Eliminate the hassle of cables and expedite
setup with integrated Bluetooth® wireless
technology When the Trimble CU controller
is used on an instrument such as the Trimble
R6 rover, the system is 100% cable free for
speed, convenience and ease of use
Flexible Communication Options
Choose the method of data transfer that suits
your situation Using an external modem
such as a cellphone with Bluetooth, you can
send and receive files over the Internet while
in the field: you don’t need to drive back to
the office When in the office, the Trimble CU
docking station provides fast data transfer to
your computer
The Trimble CU also provides USB and serial
communication options
Data can be transferred to a PC or another
Trimble CU using a cable, Bluetooth, or a USB
memory device
Built for the Field Whateve



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